Any person at least 21 years old may join WSC as an Associate member.

Any person under 21 years of age is considered a junior member and must be related by blood, marriage or adoption to a Senior or Associate member.

You now have two options for completing the membership application.  You may print and complete the membership application, or you can now use the New electronic form.

Click here to print the combined New Member application/Existing Membership Renewal form

Click here to utilize the New electronic membership application form

Click here to view the 2019 WSC Brochure

Senior Membership Application

An Associate member that meets the following criteria may apply for Senior membership utilizing the attached form.

a. Must be at least 21 years old,
b. be actively involved in the club,
c. be willing to serve on a club committee,
d. will comply with the lodge rules,
e. has read their WSC Constitution and By-Laws, and
f. must have been an Associate member for at least one full year (365 days) at the time of Senior membership application

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